Download fully functional PVTD-VR, which is a virtual appliance to be deployed on any an ESXi server.

The demo is a fully functional PVTD, limited to 30 hosts on the Private VLAN network.

PVTD-VR Virtual Appliance Download


For general Private VLAN setup on VMWare’s vDS please visit VMWare’s knowledge base article

For general information about PVTD go to the PVTD page.

Download and extract the zip file. Inside the zip file, there is an ova file, which is the Virtual Appliance. To deploy, on the vSphere Client, click File -> Deploy OVF Template. Follow the instructions and then read the quick start guide to get started with PVTD and how to connect PVTD-VR to the vDS/Nexus1000V.

Setting vDS port group for PVTD’s Private VLAN interface:

Read more technical information at the Support page.


Use the contact page for more information and support.