PVTD - Implement and operate Private VLAN with ease

Product description

What is PVTD?

Marathon Networks' PVTD is a network appliance, which can help you to implement and operate Private VLANs
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Key benifits?

  • ARP Fixup - Eliminates the need for manually configured routes on hosts
  • Realtime Mapping - All IT departments can see to which Secondary VLAN hosts belong
  • Private VLAN History - Browse through the history of your Private VLAN network

For more details, read the Data Sheet

3 easy steps

1. Connect PVTD to your network

2. Configure the device using intuitive CLI

3. Relax and let PVTD do all the hard work for you

How can it help you?

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Network design

Do you need micro segmentation, but reluctant to use Private VLAN due to hard implementation and operation? Marathon Networks’ PVTD can make it possible and resonable to use Private VLAN for your network designs.

Use Private VLANs with ease for server farm segmentation, VDI deployments and hosting.
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Private VLAN operation

Have you already implemented Private VLAN networks? Marathon Networks’ PVTD can help you with operation and new hosts deployments.

No need for manually configured routes, all IT departments can see host mapping to Secondary VLANs in real time and keep logs for any Private VLAN changes.



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  • Up to 5000 hosts per device
  • 19” rack mountable.
  • No moving parts.
  • Low power consumption: 40 Watt Max


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  • Up to 500 hosts per device
  • Small form factor
  • No moving parts
  • Low power consumption: 15 Watt Max