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Secure IPv4 Hosting Without Subnetting

  • How do you secure dedicated servers hosting?
  • How do you segregate customers from each other?
  • How do you offer easy managed firewall services?
  • How do you save precious IPv4 addresses?

With Private VLANs you can deploy a secure and managed IPv4 dedicated hosting with ease.

With Private VLANs, there is no need to allocate an expensive wasteful IPv4 subnet for each customer. Just allocate a Community VLAN for each big costumer or one big Isolated VLAN for all small costumers and you are done!

Private VLANs are a wonderful network segregation tool, but they are hard to deploy and operate.

Marathon Networks PVTD is the Private VLANs enabler. PVTD is a network appliance which makes implementation and operation of Private VLANs an easy task.

Read this technical data sheet for more information.

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