About the developer

The product is developed by Dan Shechter Gelles.

Dan is a triple CCIE #13685 (RS, Security, SP). In the last 17 years he has been working with enterprise networking and mainframe system programming and he is the author and coauthor of three CCIE workbooks published by leading vendors.

You can see his CCIE related site at

Technology used

PVTD is based on the following open source technologies:
  • OpenBSD - The most secure OS out there, with rock solid reliability.
  • libevent - High speed and very reliable event framework.
  • python - While the core of PVTD is written in C code, the CLI is written with python. Also, the web interface, server side, is written in python.

Thanks for all the above projects, using their open source technologies makes PVTD more secure and more reliable.